KHESED’S 2019 Men For Mental Health Campaign

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Each year, over 33,000 men die from suicide,* and men are 3.5x as likely as women to die by suicide.**

Unaffordable costs, insufficient insurance coverage, and difficulty getting an appointment are the top three barriers to seeking mental health care by Denver residents.***

Khesed eliminates the main roadblocks to mental health and wellness services in Colorado.

September is Suicide Prevention Month.

Khesed wants to end the stigma around men seeking support for their mental health and raise awareness of our counseling services as an affordable resource for men in Colorado.

Men are more likely to face stigma when discussing their mental health, and thus are less likely to seek out support when struggling.^

  • In 2017, men accounted for 69.67% of suicide deaths in the United States.**

  • GBTQ men are at an increased risk for suicide attempts.**

  • Men above the age of 65 are 1.4x more likely to die by suicide than the total population.^

You can help us provide affordable counseling support by making a one-time or monthly donation. Every gift makes a difference: change the landscape of mental healthcare by giving $3, $5, or $10 per month.

THANK YOU to our MEN FOR MENTAL HEALTH raising awareness for men’s mental health and wellness by hosting online social media fundraising campaigns during Suicide Prevention Week (September 8 - 14). Want to be one of our Men for Mental Health? You can still sign up to participate!

Own or work for a business that is passionate about supporting mental healthcare? Consider becoming a corporate sponsor for this event! Details on corporate sponsorship can be found here.

All funds raised will support Khesed’s program operations to carry out our mission and vision of providing affordable and accessible mental health and wellness services to those without sufficient coverage in Colorado.

thank you to our corporate sponsors!

*@Men’sHealth **@afspnational ***@COHealthInst ^@CrisisTextLine