It all started when...

Heather was frustrated. She saw counselors burning out, churches sitting vacant during the week, and communities continuing to not find help for their emotional needs. The solution (Khesed) "clicked" when she found a way for all three work together, creating a Win-Win-Win (TM).

Khesed promotes an environment for safe, accessible, and affordable mental health care.

Understandably, Khesed's business model brings up questions...

our frequently answered questions include:

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 church questions

Are we religiously affiliated?

  • Khesed is not religiously affiliated. In fact, we welcome opportunities to work with various religions wanting to transform communities through mental health care.
  • We respect the beliefs of our church sites/faith communities, our counselors, and our communities.

Do we religiously discriminate?

  • Absolutely not. Everyone is welcome and we are not here to change your mind or "convert" you. Proselytizing is unethical for professional counselors and a contractual breach as one of our church sites.
  • We are committed (contractually, operationally, and ethically) to provide a space where anyone can get help from Khesed or work at Khesed. 

How does the church site benefit?

  • People that would never step foot in a church, will come and get tangible help from Khesed. Khesed helps churches show their community that they are a safe and accessible place.
  • After the first three years operating out of donated space, a Khesed church site will start to receive an annual gross revenue-based donation from that Khesed site. The church can use this donation to transform their community even more and see a return on their investment. 
  • We help churches steward their resources (i.e. mobilizing their unused space)--providing the financial backing, programatic oversight, and liability insulation under our 501(c)3.

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counseling questions

How can we pay our counselors above market rate?

  • By using donated space, we significantly lower our overheard. Through community donations, we exponentially expand the populations we can serve. Both means of support allow us to fairly pay our counselors at a consistent rate.


  • Most counselor burnout develops because the organization doesn't support their staff. Khesed promotes thriving, not burnout. Every counselor receives individual and group supervision for free.
  • Counselors get to serve the people they want to serve, they get to forget about overhead or marketing, and they receive support to develop innovative ideas with a collaborative team.
  • Our counselors are paid fairly and trusted completely. We take pride in our team and we always want to create ways we can challenge the status quo and develop the mental health industry for the better. 

How do we hire?

  • We do demographic studies for each Khesed site to learn about general populations and unmet mental health needs. We hire our counselors based their specializations aligning with the community.
  • We are ready to innovate the mental health industry in how we are structured and in what we create, we are specifically looking for counselors ready to spread their wings creatively within a collaborative team. Interested? 

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community questions

How do we charge half the market rate?

  • Our ability to fairly pay our counselors is the same reason we can help communities at half the market standard. By using donated space, we significantly lower our overheard. Through community donations, we exponentially expand the populations we can serve.

What populations do we serve?

  • We work with people of all age, phases, and beliefs. Each counseling site will help individuals, couples, families, and groups. We work with short-term clients and long-term clients, high-acuity and high-functioning. If a site or team is not a therapeutic fit for some reason, we will provide referrals that we trust.
  • We will apply to serve Medicaid and Medicare populations at every counseling site, and our licensed counselors can provide super bills for out-of-network insurance coverage (when applicable). 

How do communities benefit?

  • Counseling with us is accessible. Each Khesed site is ADA compliant and available to serve our clients within one business week.
  • Counseling with us is affordable. We provide reduced-rate counseling sessions based on need (i.e. presenting issue) not income (your salary doesn't prevent you from getting help). Our subsidy application process maintains accountability, motivation, and opportunity for counseling.
  • Counseling with us is safe. We prioritize quality and compliance, maintaining ethical and legal guidelines for professional counselors, and specialized care for underserved/ill-served populations.