Khesed Wellness makes outpatient mental health and wellness services affordable for the underinsured, which is most of us.

We grow through partnerships with people and places that have appropriate part-time professional space for Khesed locations.

We believe every person and family deserves access to mental health and wellness services they can afford. 

We eliminate the main roadblocks to mental health and wellness services in Colorado:

Unaffordable costs, insufficient insurance coverage, and difficulty getting an appointment are the top three barriers to seeking mental health care by Denver residents.* The concern for cost is the only barrier that has increased to 65% since 2015.

Suicide is the leading cause of death for ages 10-24 in Colorado. Suicide is most common for the 45-64 age range, and men are three times as likely as women to die by suicide.

We believe these statistics will change through living kindness, which is the meaning of khesed.


steps to counseling with us:

  1. Contact us for a free 30-minute initial phone consultation. We respond to all client inquiries within two-business days.

  2. We will assign you to a clinician or practitioner that is the best therapeutic and relational fit.

  3. If Khesed is not a good fit for your needs, we will provide you with direct referrals.

    NOTE: We are not a crisis center, drop-in center, or referral service. If you are needing immediate support or access to a statewide referral list, call Colorado Crisis Services: 1-844-493-8255 or text “TALK” to 38255.

Please Note:

While Khesed does partner with religious organizations to form clinical sites, we are not a religious organization nor are we affiliated with any specific religion. Religious organizations and faith communities tend to have the most unused space throughout the week, so they make natural site partners for Khesed.

A requirement for all site partnerships is to provide an inclusive space that serves anyone of any background, regardless of spirituality, religion, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and otherwise. All of our site partners agree to reciprocate respect for our mission and vision while they are living our their mission and vision within their location.

Learn more at our FAQ Page.


Counseling and wellness services at Khesed costs $60/hr. The average cost of counseling per hour in Colorado is $125.

If $60 is unaffordable for you, we created our Khesed Pro Bono Program with you in mind. 10% of our services are free to those who do not have sufficient coverage and cannot resource our reduced fee.


  • [fair-a-py] n.

  • Philosophy created by Khesed Wellness in which Clients are treated like humans, receiving affordable and accessible high quality counseling and wellness services. (TM)