Future Planning for High School Students

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Which high school student do you relate to more:

A student who has a ten year plan. Every detail of their life is mapped out from what courses to take in high school to what major to study in college. From there they know exactly which internships to apply for and which company they want to land their first job;


A student who is worried about passing the next quiz tomorrow and is struggling to think past this first semester. They’re not sure about what to pursue since school is hard but they know that college is something they want to do after high school?

Although these two stories are extremely different, there’s a likelihood that many of you resonate with these stories, and perhaps, are a mix of both. I went into high school determined to become a primary care pediatrician. I had my courses mapped out and a detailed plan of how to be on the best track to medical school. Somewhere along the way, plans changed and I ended up with a second, and different, bachelor’s from a different college. Now, I’m completing my master’s in an unrelated field at a third school.

As someone who has worked closely with students for over 15 years, a common struggle they encounter is life pursuits. With student loans at an all time high along with college students switching, on average, majors at least once, preparing and trying to discover their talents and directions future plans becomes more precious and necessary.

Whether you are a student or know a student, engaging in discussions about what the future may look like and allowing room for dreaming is important. So, I leave you with this, when you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How does that dream compare to where you are now and the path you’re on?

Stay tuned for exciting news on how Khesed hopes to help students in their journey of future dreaming and planning.

About the Author:


Alex Song, RP, Apprentice, is pursuing an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Denver Seminary. Alex is passionate about helping people become their most authentic and true selves. She loves helping people navigate their life pursuits, identity formation, and career aspirations. She feels honored to walk alongside clients as they share their story with her, inviting her into that sacred space. She desires her clients to live life purposefully and well through evaluating their physical, spiritual, mental, social, and emotional health. As clients navigate meaning making, she works with clients to equip them with the tools to live their best life. Alex desires to connect with the Asian population to help them advocate for their voices as they pursue what wellness looks like. Alex is a Colorado native and enjoys exploring new coffee spots, watching movies, and catching up with friends.