Shrinkcast Episode 5: I Am That Already

Today, we are going to take a new, exciting, and experiential approach to Shrinkcast Episode 5. We started this podcast because we want to create these kinds of positive or healing experiences through these audio waves that you can access anywhere, anytime, for free.

So, this fifth episode is, in a way, a starting place for The Shrinkcast in this new year. Isn’t that often how it goes in the New Year as we create resolutions, intentions, theme, goals, words, phrases to guide us as we end 2018 and begin 2019. We start and then we find ourselves rewriting a second, third, or fifth draft, starting anew... [listen to this 20-minute episode hear and experience more]

A Guided Meditation


Feeling overwhelmed? Take a few minutes to breathe and rest with this four minute guided meditation. Click below to play. 

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- Jenni Kay Long, RYT, LCSW, ADS {Learn more about the author}