The fundraiser with your self-care in mind!

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Welcome to Khesed’s Non-Event Event.

I will be your host, Piney.

Right now, you are having the most fun you will ever have not attending a fundraising event.

You are welcome. You can leave tips here.

We are doing this because we love you that much.

It is Spring, a time for growth and going outside, spreading your arms, embracing the sun and swimming along.

Khesed is growing and going outside too.

Just like plants need water to thrive and grow, Khesed needs your help to thrive and grow.

We know everyone in Colorado without coverage can have access to counseling and wellness care they can afford, but only if you dance with us. Yes, you.

We need $10,000 by May 15th to keep our ecosystem/operations of 8 sites and staff healthy.

Do not half apple on me!

(Again, tips accepted.)

We are saving on event costs and engaging our friends around the world with Khesed’s Non-Event Event, but only until Monday, April 15th.

So go ahead and dance that little finger over to this donate button!

Will you give $10-100 today?

Whatever is possible for you, will make the impossible possible at Khesed, like everyone having access to counseling and wellness care they can afford.

Signing off, Punny Piney.

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