Matt Schirmer

Matt Schirmer, MS, MA, LPCC, hails from the Midwest, but has lived in Colorado for 20 years. Matt has enjoyed several careers before becoming a therapist including videographer, hydrogeologist, and software engineer. Matt found deep healing in his own journey of counseling, inspiring him to work with others as they seek wholeness and transformation. Matt brings the view that each person already holds within them the keys to truth and wisdom, and with gentle guidance each person can find their unique path to wellbeing. Matt especially enjoys working with those who struggle with relationships, anxiety, depression, trauma, difficult transitions, and survivors of childhood abuse. Matt is EMDR trained, and integrates this evidenced-based therapy into his client-centered, mindful approach to counseling. Matt holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Naorpa University. He takes time off in the nearby Rocky Mountains, and enjoys hiking, skiing, reading, and relaxing with his large family.


Megan Steedman

Megan Steedman, RP, Apprentice, is pursuing a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Denver Seminary. Megan has experience working with children and adolescents, is passionate about helping young adults pursue a holistic sense of wellness, and is committed to engaging her clients with compassion and attentiveness. She desires to sit with clients as they share their story, deepening their understanding of their own lived experience. By walking with clients as they courageously address their stories of pain, Megan desires for her clients to live more fully into their authentic selves physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. She uses an integrative approach to aid clients who are struggling with transitions, relationships, identity, purpose, and other mental health issues. Megan spends her free time hiking, skiing, and exploring Denver—she loves bringing a good book or friend along to check out the newest coffee or ice cream shop.


Brittany Duncan

Brittany Duncan, RP, Apprentice, is pursuing her Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Denver Seminary and has earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Her previous professional experience includes working in Chicago with addictions, homelessness, and severe mental illness. She also has experience working with college students transitioning to living abroad. Brittany is open to meeting with many types of individuals and couples who are pursuing wellness and purpose. She is especially passionate about working with relationships, transitional difficulties, trauma, and identity formation. She desires to assist her clients in pursuing a meaningful and healthy lifestyle through the use of a holistic and integrative approach. In her spare time, Brittany enjoys hiking, traveling, sitting on her porch with a cup of coffee, and spending time with her loved ones.


Alex Song

Alex Song, RP, Apprentice, is pursuing an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Denver Seminary. Alex is passionate about helping people become their most authentic and true selves. She loves helping people navigate their life pursuits, identity formation, and career aspirations. She feels honored to walk alongside clients as they share their story with her, inviting her into that sacred space. She desires her clients to live life purposefully and well through evaluating their physical, spiritual, mental, social, and emotional health. As clients navigate meaning making, she works with clients to equip them with the tools to live their best life. Alex desires to connect with the Asian population to help them advocate for their voices as they pursue what wellness looks like. Alex is a Colorado native and enjoys exploring new coffee spots, watching movies, and catching up with friends.


Naomi Triggs DeBoer

Naomi Triggs DeBoer, MA, LPCC, is a Colorado native but has also lived abroad for an extensive period of time, causing her to identify more as a third-culture adult. She’s worked all over the world with women and children who have experienced significant trauma, including refugees/asylum seekers and survivors of sex-trafficking, domestic violence and homelessness. These experiences have shaped Naomi’s desire to journey alongside those who find themselves in the depths of brokenness and pain. She especially cares for those who are on the fringe of society, are experiencing confusion of identity, are navigating significant life transitions, or are seeking answers to life’s ultimate purpose and meaning. Naomi loves to walk alongside clients by discovering their personal narrative and helping to transform their lives into stories flourishing with vision, passion, and deeper wholeness. A graduate of Denver Seminary with a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Naomi has also completed a certificate in trauma counseling under Dr. Dan Allender in Seattle, Washington. While Naomi would rather be traveling to a new country, she enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, and discovering new hot springs around Colorado with her husband. She will never turn down a good cup of coffee.


Alisha Bashaw

Alisha Bashaw, MA, LPC, LAC holds a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Addiction Counselor in the state of Colorado. Alisha hails from Grand Rapids, MI originally, and has made Colorado her home since 2003, specifically Denver since 2014. Alisha has worked extensively in the treatment of eating disorders and addiction, and specializes in the intersection of Binge Eating Disorder and addiction. She also works with grief and loss, relationships, communication, self-worth and empowerment issues, overall wellness, client-identified values-centered living, meaning and purpose in life concerns, walking alongside folks through their ups and downs authentically, and is also an EAGALA Certified Professional working with equine therapy. She believes that everyone is a living story with much to tell, and often uses a Narrative therapy lens when working with clients. She is passionate about helping people authentically live the lives they desire, holding space for mystery and wonder as each person's journey unfolds, and integrating mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health into a holistic wellness based-approach. She has also been an animal lover since childhood, and believes strongly in the power of equine therapy as a mirror for our humanness. In her spare time, she loves to play the guitar and sing, write, spend time with friends and animals, especially her two cats, and read good books in hammocks.


Zach Verwey

Zach Verwey, MA, LPC, NCC holds a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from a CACREP accredited program and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado. In his clinical practice, Zach has worked extensively with LGBTQ+ concerns, eating disorders, holistic sexual health, values and identity, and grief and loss, and he is Prepare/Enrich certified in working with couples. He is especially passionate about addressing the ways in which body image difficulties impact the LGBTQ+ community and regularly works with clients and provides education through writing and public speaking on this topic. Zach believes deeply in the power of interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship work in the therapeutic process, and offers a holistic and integrative approach that honors the mind, body, and spirit. In his spare time, Zach enjoys reading the memoirs of comedians who also happen to be women, experimenting with new bread recipes, and exploring Denver’s latest hot spots with a friend or two. 


Amy McCann

Amy McCann, MA, LPCC, EFT therapist, has her Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary. She is trained in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and desires to help couples strengthen their relationships. Her desire is to create an environment for clients to feel safe and explore what aspects are hindering them from connecting with others and themselves, so that they can begin to truly thrive. Amy earned her Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Movement Science from the University of Vermont, and desires to help her clients in a holistic way. Amy also has rich cultural experiences with living overseas and enjoys cross-cultural work with clients. Amy is originally from Boston, but loves living in Colorado with her husband. They enjoy hiking, spending time with friends, and eating ice cream.


Lisa Kjeseth

Lisa Kjeseth, LPC, MA  attended Metropolitan State College of Denver for her Undergraduate Degree in Behavioral Sciences and Education. She earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Colorado Christian University. Her professional experience has been working with severe mental illness, homelessness, addictions, trauma, crisis management and suicide prevention. She has had further training with the Kempe Center in Trauma Focused Therapy, which she has continually adapted to work with adults and also in a brief therapy model. She has also worked in our community as a contract to a Denver urban High School providing therapy to high school students in an underserved area. She works with a variety of clients but enjoys working with those who have depression, anxiety and need to make lasting changes in their lives. Lisa believes in the holistic approach and often checks in about client’s health, sleep, eating habits and spiritual health. Lisa is open to incorporating faith into sessions, if the client wants to discuss faith. Lisa believes using the holistic approach is important for long lasting change. Lisa was a transplant to Colorado as a child and enjoys many summer Colorado spots and tries to go to the mountains with her young family as often as possible.


Phil Stockton

Phil Stockton, MA, LPCC, NCC is a psychotherapist and Colorado native who has been working in the mental health field in a variety of professional settings since 2009. He has worked extensively with adolescents and adults coping with trauma, abuse, and mental health disorders. His professional experience extends to adults with addictions, victims of crime, LGBTQ+, spirituality, couples counseling, and coping with chronic illness. Phil is especially passionate about working with issues of meaning and purpose in life and utilizes unique interventions with clients to tackle these concerns. Phil obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Human Services from MSU Denver and his Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary. Phil is passionate about urban farming and gardening and has traveled the world with his wife visiting and working on farms in Europe and the UK.