We grow by invitation!

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It all started when…

Our Founder was driving home for her previous job in the mental health field and noticed an empty church parking lot. It clicked! Religious organizations, businesses, and clinicians want to spread kindness in their communities. These organizations often have unused or not fully utilized space. The main barrier to affordable counseling and wellness care are overhead costs. Through clinicians, congregations, and communities donating unused space to Khesed, we can fully engage our resources and make counseling and wellness care affordable for everyone.

Do you know a person or place with unused space?

Type of site partnerships:

  • Private Practices: Counselors, psychologists, doctors, and wellness practitioners often have space that’s not fully utilized within their private practice. We have options to donate a day to Khesed for an in-kind donation or apply to work at Khesed and use private practice space.

  • Religious Organizations: Churches, temples, synagogues, and other religious organizations often have empty parking lots outside religious services. By donating unused space to Khesed, religious organizations can transform their local community.

  • Nonprofit Organizations: Nonprofit organizations exist for and with community, often nonprofits have additional space. Partnering with Khesed can expand a nonprofit’s vision and relevance to their community.

  • Businesses: Businesses want to be a place where employees thrive. Often, mental health needs are made known within work settings. By donating an unused office to Khesed, businesses can support employee and local community wellness.

  • Public Spaces: Parks and local public spaces can be creative places for Khesed events and groups. Let us know about a public space you think we could creatively use to spread our work beyond the office.

  • Innovation: We are currently discussing where and how we can mobilize counseling and wellness care through innovative places and people. We welcome new ideas.

How we hire:

Whenever we form a new site partnership, we research the demographics of the local community, professional counseling and wellness care currently offered, and learn about the local needs through our site partners. We hire clinicians based on the general and underserved needs within each community we serve. While Khesed is not religiously-affiliated, we honor the mission of the organization’s with whom we partner, just as they honor our mission to make counseling affordable for everyone.


We are sustained by community.

Because of donors like you, we are able to expand our sites and services. Learn more about our commitment to 100% transparent and impact-driven giving below.


Session Sponsorship

Sometimes we need help and cannot afford any cost. 100% of our monthly program donations support gap services for the most vulnerable populations: adolescents, LGBTQIA+ folks, immigrants/refugees, families applying for Medicaid/Medicare, and those navigating suicidal ideation.


Site Sponsorship

Did you know there are parts of Colorado where people have to drive over two hours for any kind of mental health support? One-time and monthly donations for our sites supports accessible care for everyone.


Operations Support

Accounting, advertising, and support staff are all essential parts to healthy functioning as an organization. We keep our operational costs separate from programs. We want our donors to decide how and where 100% of their gift goes to help Khesed thrive.