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Did you know?

  • Over 65% of Denver residents report that greatest barrier for mental health care is concern for cost

  • The leading cause of death among those ages 10-24 is suicide

  • Middle-aged men have the highest rates of suicide

  • 50% of Denver residents don’t think insurance will cover counseling

  • 35% of Denver resident find it difficult to get an appointment*

We can change this.

The average cost of counseling is $120, at Khesed we charge $60. For some of our clients, this under-market rate is still unaffordable, and we want to make counseling affordable for everyone.

Giving to our Gap Services Program provides free counseling and wellness care for people and families in five-session increments that need support now. 100% of all donations support this program.

*Research from @COHealthInst

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Sponsor one counseling session each month

Sponsor two counseling sessions each month