We are raising $2,500 in 5 Days.

Current Update (5:00 Am MT Wednesday 3/21/2018): $6,445/2,500

Campaign ends @ 7:00 am Wednesday 3/21/2018

It all started when…

We grew from ten new client outreaches per month in December, to ten new outreaches the first two weeks of January, to ten the third week of February, to ten in the last two days.

I'm sure you can imagine the influx in program support costs, especially when thoughtful growth and quality is core to our values.

Our model of $60/counseling session is clearly working in the community.

We also need this kind of growth to work for our operating budget. Nonprofits must raise at least 30% of their revenue through fundraising; nonprofits are for and through community. We rely on fundraising for 50% of our 2018 budget, a pretty amazing accomplishment as a one-year-old nonprofit. Our site partners donating unused space helps tremendously and community support is critical.

We have an excellent problem for our innovative model: our programs have grown quicker than expected. 

That means we need a sudden influx in fundraising support too.

To bridge our program cash flow gap between now and when our fundraising event season starts in April, we need $2,500 in five days.

This means, we need 5 people to give $500,  25 people give $100, or 250 people give $10. We'd especially love if the word spread and new people partnered with us.

Kindness makes the impossible possible, like attainable counseling for everyone in Colorado, and it spreading quicker than we imagined...

Will you help make our growth possible?

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