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Lunch Break Wellness - Mondays 12noon - 2pm

Yoga 12noon - 1pm

This weekly trauma-sensitive yoga class includes breath work, sun salutations, moon salutations, gentle floor work, and a guided relaxation in a calming and supportive environment

AcuWellness - drop in anytime between 1pm - 2pm

AcuWellness involves the placement of five single-use acupuncture needles in specific points in each ear. This unique treatment promotes relaxation and a feeling of groundedness; relieves symptoms of trauma; relieves feelings of stress, anxiety, symptoms of depression; supports sleep; and supports healthy hormone functions. 

When you arrive, the facilitator will place the needles in your ears and then help you settle into relaxation with guided breath work. It's best if you arrive with enough time to stay for at least 25 minutes.  


Monthly Yoga AND AcuWellness  Package   -     $120 / month

Includes weekly Yoga and AcuWellness sessions - as many as you'd like to attend in any given month. Your credit card will automatically be charged a monthly fee of $120. Savings of $40/month. 

Monthly Yoga OR AcuWellness Package - $60 / month

Prefer one service over the other? This monthly package includes either weekly Yoga classes or weekly AcuWellness sessions - whichever you prefer. Your credit card will automatically be charged a monthly fee of $60. Savings of $20/month. 

Drop In - $20 per session

Drop in for a Yoga class and/or AcuWellness session for $20 per service.

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