Want to join the Khesed Tribe?

We are constantly looking for great people to join our tribe. Before resumes, interviews, and formalities we want to learn about you and the passions that led you here.

We are a diverse group of people and we love that. Here's what we all value and have in common:

  1. We live out Khesed: embodying and reciprocating loving kindness.

  2. We are collaborators: looking for ways to connect and grow.

  3. We are generous: joyfully inviting ways to empower others.

  4. We are innovators: creating and delivering what's new and needed.

We hire based on needs in the community. If we aren't hiring your speciality, we will keep you application on file for future reference. We read every email. With so many emails, we cannot promise a response.

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We want to know: (1) why you want to apply...(2) how you live out khesed (loving kindness)...(3) what makes you unique...(4) your perspective on culture, creativity, and passion...(5) your enneagram....(6) anything else you believe is important for us to know about you.