Disaster Relief fund

No one can prepare for or expect a disaster to occur. Our nation has seen its fair share this year through natural disasters and unimaginable acts of violence. 

The last thing a survivor needs to think about it how to pay for the help they desperately need. 

Khesed has created the Disaster Relief Fund to provide mental health and wellness services for survivors finding refuge in Colorado. Our goal is to raise $25,000 to provide 500 free mental health and wellness sessions for 50 individuals and their families. 

Join us in spreading kindness to hurricane survivors that need support right now.



Are your clinicians and practitioners trained for this kind of support? We have a team of licensed clinicians and practitioners, each with different specialities. Several have specific training and expertise in crisis management, grief and loss, and trauma. We will match each client with the appropriate therapist(s) and/or practitioner(s) based on their presenting concerns and goals for treatment.

What will you do with the money if you don’t use all of it for survivors? All funds will be saved in a restricted use disaster fund. This means, Khesed will be equipped to immediately launch support, and potentially dispatch clinicians for future disasters.

What’s included in the 10 mental health and wellness sessions? The individual, family, and/or group sessions will be determined based on the needs of each client. We will assess for the needs of each family and assign them to the Khesed therapist(s), and/or practitioner(s) most beneficial to them for 10 sessions.

Are other mental health organizations offering this kind of support? We have not found any which is why we created this fund! That said, we hope there are some, and if you are one please contact us! We believe in the abundance of collaborative support and would love to join hands in this effort with other Colorado mental health and wellness organizations.

More questions?