What are these trainings?

KHESED’s Corporate Trainings build your staff’s confidence and awareness about their mental health and local resources.

Your team will learn how to:

  • Support daily mental health and wellness

  • Listen for signs of mental health crisis

  • Connect directly with local resources

  • Understand your company’s behavioral health coverage*

    *In collaboration with your Human Resources Department

Why are these trainings so important?

Mental health is a matter of life or death, especially in Colorado. It may sound dramatic but it’s true. Suicide is most common among ages 45-64 in Colorado, men are three times as likely as women to die by suicide, and it is the leading cause of death for ages 10-24.*

U.S. Corporations lose $287 million each day due to untreated mental wellness needs. 95,000 workers in the U.S. did not show-up for work today because of mental wellness needs.**

Our training addresses the top three reasons people do not access mental health support in Denver:

  1. 65% of residents have concern about cost.

  2. 50% do not think insurance will cover behavioral health services.

  3. 35% have difficulty getting an appointment*

*@COHealthInst **@WHO

Who leads the trainings?

All of our corporate trainings are led by a Khesed Regional Supervisor, a licensed counselor with expansive knowledge about supporting mental wellness, crisis, and navigating Colorado’s behavioral health system and resources.

What are the options?

Mental Health 1.0

Three-hour transformative team experience supporting daily mental health, listening for signs of mental health crisis, connecting directly with local resources, and understanding your company’s behavioral health coverage.

Lunch-Hour Mental Health Brief

One-hour brief and fun overview focused on supporting daily mental health and responding to a mental health crisis.

Mental Health 1.0 + CPR Advertising

Three-hour Mental Health 1.0 AND $2,500 worth of joint advertising with Colorado Public Radio as a Khesed Corporate Partner. Learn more by contacting us below.


How do we tailor these trainings to your company?

After you sign-up for a Khesed training our team member will contact you to learn more about your company culture, behavioral health coverage, and related trainings.

How does this training impact Khesed?

100% of each training cost supports our program operations making counseling affordable for those without sufficient coverage.

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