About: How Do I? Counselor Consult Board (TM)

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The "How Do I? Counselor Consult Board" (TM) meets monthly to help counselors increase business confidence, clinical skills and support; improving personal and professional growth and outcomes. 

Khesed's Clinical Director and Founding Executive Director facilitate the group curriculum and consultation through their acquired business and clinical expertise. Critical concepts and creative resources are offered with a focus on counselors facing new and habitual challenges in their counseling practice. The facilitators also offer individual monthly meetings and accountability to track goal-setting and provide support.

The consult board is a closely knit group built on personal and professional trust, inviting connection and collaboration between counselors. While this group isn't structured for expanding referral sources, opportunities and referrals may naturally develop. Licensed counselors and social workers will acquire 2 Colorado CEU's (continuing education units) each month from their participating in group consultation and individual mentorship/supervision.

Before joining the How Do I? Board (TM) we interview each counselor to make sure the consult board is a good fit for their counseling practice goals and they are a good fit for the Khesed community.

We invite you to email us below to setup a time to get to know each other.

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