About: Clinicians' Support Circle™

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The Clinicians' Support Circle ™ is a mindfulness based supervision/mentorship group facilitated by Jenni Kay Long, CYT, LCSW. The program includes one two hour group each month as well as a monthly individual supervision/mentorship session. This program is a space to: 

  • learn and practice mindfulness based therapeutic concepts, skills, and techniques for both professional self care and thoughtful client care
  • define and re-connect with the vision and passion that led you to become a mental health professional 
  • gain insight about practical clinical concerns through case discussion and conceptualization 
  • and get to know other mental health professionals

All while earning either two DORA learning credits or supervision credits for licensure each month! 

The monthly group sessions are offered retreat style, integrating clinical learning topics and discussions with poetry, guided relaxation, and inner reflection.

Monthly Group Topics

  • Exploring Your Professional Vision 
  • Creating Space for Clients and Yourself
  • Practicing Compassion for Self and Others
  • Neurophysiology of Emotions 
  • Developing Healthy Rhythms
  • Unpacking Your Professional Identity  


We invite you to email us below to setup a time to get to know our facilitator and explore whether this program is a good fit for you.

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