Leading Khesed requires authenticy

in a way that calls out: "I have much to learn about loving-kindness" and yet, the khesed-ness in your own life has brought to the "Khesed Board Member Form." Board member forms can often include a long list of requirements (i.e. resume, experience, strong network) that tell us where you have been and not necessarily what you believe. What you believe propels what you care about and invest in. We want to know what you believe about Khesed Wellness and how you envision your role on our leadership team.


A few board expectations that may sway your desire to participate (hopefully for the better):

  1. We ask that each board member donates a minimum of $1,000 over the course of each year they are on the board; or, whatever you would give outside of your faith/primary community. If you give an additional 8% to charities outside your primary/faith community, we request that 8%. We want you to feel your gift because at our core, we are relational. It's important that your financial relationship with Khesed is felt.
  2. We ask for a 2-year board commitment, after which time you will rotate off the board, serve on the board in a different capacity to help with our rolling board membership, or move on from the board.
  3. We ask each board member to feel confident that they want to and will share about Khesed with their community of influence to spread our mission, vision, and financial support.
  4. We ask that board members have availability to meet for quarterly board meetings in-person (pending any emergencies) and make additional conference calls and/or meetings a priority.
  5. Most importantly, we ask that you (just like our clinicians) take on the calling and challenge to model khesed/loving-kindness in your life.

 My grandfather (who's a pastor) brought into my awareness an old and rich volume called, Synonyms of the Old Testament by Robert Baker Girdlestone, first published in 1871. Girdlestone was head of the translation department of the British and Foreign Bible Society and principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford (as well as other involvements). He wrote on the definition of "khesed" in a rich way. He states, 

“. . . [khesed] is a practical exhibition of lovingkindness towards our fellow-man [or woman], whose only claim may be misfortune, and whom it is in our power to help, though perhaps at the expense of time, money, convenience, and even religious or national prejudice.” (p.111).

Thank you for wanting to spread khesed with us. we look forward to reviewing your form and connecting.


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