Shrinkcast Episode 14: Thrive Part 2 - Work As Play

In the second of this two-part series of the Shrinkcast, Heather and Phil discuss thriving in the workplace and considering work as play.

Phil has extensive experience in career counseling and advising. Check out some of the reviews of his work with students at Metro State University below. If you’re interested in talking with Phil about work and career, contact us.

Shrinkcast Episode 8: The Humansphere

Phil and I meet for coffee every Monday morning. Phil is Khesed’s Program Manager and this is our weekly check-in. It’s official business but we look for any excuse to talk the theory of all things.

Like last week, he told me about Monkeysphere Theory. Have you ever heard of Monkeysphere Theory? 

Shrinkcast Episode 7: Food to Body Relationship | Interview with Amy McCann

Everyone has a relationship with food. Whether or not you feel like you have a healthy relationship with food or an unhealthy one, there are still complicated dynamics that affect our view of food and ourselves. This podcast explores those dynamics that affect our relationship with food and how to work towards more health and awareness around your relationship with food.

Shrinkcast Episode 5: I Am That Already

Today, we are going to take a new, exciting, and experiential approach to Shrinkcast Episode 5. We started this podcast because we want to create these kinds of positive or healing experiences through these audio waves that you can access anywhere, anytime, for free.

So, this fifth episode is, in a way, a starting place for The Shrinkcast in this new year. Isn’t that often how it goes in the New Year as we create resolutions, intentions, theme, goals, words, phrases to guide us as we end 2018 and begin 2019. We start and then we find ourselves rewriting a second, third, or fifth draft, starting anew... [listen to this 20-minute episode hear and experience more]