I have a story for you...

Jade was trying to keep appearances. She had just finished law school, but her family would be shocked if they discovered the truth. She was suicidal, depressed, beyond exhausted. Steeped in debt and qualifying for only basic health insurance, Jade thought there was no way she could afford therapy. Then she called us. Now, after eight sessions, she’s doing so well she just comes in for monthly check-in sessions.

That is a common story at Khesed.* People like Jade need affordable and accessible care. As a referral source shared in a text a couple of weeks ago:

I checked in with my (former) client today.… It brings me to tears and I am sincerely grateful. This work is so, so sacred and it is not an overstatement to say that it saved their life. Thank you.

Photo by Tessa Rampersad on Unsplash

Khesed was able to provide over 300 counseling sessions in 2017, with the cost per session averaging $60.  With your help, more people like Jade can receive life-saving care! Six locations between Colorado Springs and Boulder want to launch sites with us right now. To respond to these requests, we need 60 people to give $60/month.

$60/month provides therapy sessions for clients who cannot otherwise access help when they need it most. Will you join us in being the answer to providing an amazing therapist at an affordable rate for every family we help? Will you give at least $60/month?

*Jade is a pseudonym and the story shared is a conglomerate of stories from Khesed clients, shifting facts and details to protect client confidentiality, preventing use of client testimonials for marketing, and maintaining ethical and legal compliance.